Using this site

Applications for the Jewish Overnight Camps, the First-time Trips to Israel or the Family camps are to be completed by the Parent/Guardian. Independent applicants age 21+ may submit their own financial information.

All required information must be complete and entered in the format described in order to submit your application.

Use proper punctuation and standard capitalization (Jill Smith, 10 Main Street, New York, NY) when entering data.

An asterisk (*) indicates required information.

  1. Complete all Contact Information
  2. Complete financial information for the family (or the individual if age 21+).
  3. Add information about your children that will be attending a Jewish Overnight Camps, Trips to Israel or the Family camps during the upcoming year.
  4. After you've entered all participating children, add camp information by clicking on the name of the student on the "Child Applications" page, select "add a camp", choose the type of camp or trip from the dropdown list and click "Add".
  5. Complete information about the camp or trip.
  6. Certify that all submitted information is correct
  7. Review your data.
    • Carefully review your entire application before submission. Once the application is submitted, you may access the application to view or print only; no further additions or changes may be made. You will have opportunities to print a hard copy of your application to retain for your records at the Review Application step. (Do not send a printed copy to Scholarship America.)
  8. Submit your application. You will receive confirmation of your submission via email.
    • You can leave and return to the application site before submitting the application. To leave the site, click on the Logout link located at the top of the left margin. To return, you must enter your username and password as provided when you registered.
    • For the Jewish Overnight camps, you must submit your application electronically by March 2, 2020. There will be no access to applications after the deadline date.
    • Teen/Young Adult trip to Israel applications must be submitted at least 12 weeks prior to trip departure. Applications are available until May 1, 2020.
    • Family Camp applications are available until March 16, 2020.
    • Mail pages 1 & 2 of your family's federal 2018 (or 2019, if available) tax return to:
      The Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund Camps & Trips
      Scholarship America
      One Scholarship Way
      Saint Peter, MN 56082